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Before we start What is a runspacepool ? It is an implementation of object pool design pattern where a certain number of objects would be... [...]

The title of this article is a question asked by some of my friends who are working with powershell scripts.There are multiple ways to achie... [...]

Web API for Accessing live stock values and other details such as daily high and low ,opening rate or previous closing price for that stock... [...]

Hi guys, Recently I saw this post on Quora for how to display cricket score updates as notifications in Linux using python ( http://qr.ae... [...]

consider that you have some secret password to store in a text file and your script will periodically run and read this password (for doing... [...]

As microsoft guys forgot to give adhoc wifi network or wifi hotspot option in GUI  in windows 8, I decided to create a batch program for d... [...]

Semester 7 - Client Server Architecture and Applications S7 - Lecture Notes - CSA Module 1 (Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala - B.Tech) ... [...]

Many of our friends liked the question papers in our blog, so we decided to make a PDF e-book which contains all the MG university questi... [...]